Tell me everything about BIOLYSS

What is Biolyss ?

Biolyss is a Laboratory performing Human Biological Analysis.
Biolyss was established when fourteen medical biologists decided to pool their individual skills and specialisms to offer a high quality biological analysis service.
Since 1st August 2008, 150 people, specialising in different areas such as Haematology, Serology, Biochemistry, Hormone dosage, Haemostasis, Immunohaematology, Glycosyled haemoglobin, Clinical protocols, Emergency Biology, Assisted conception (sperm preparation for intra-uterine insemination or IUI)... have been working together in 3 clinics, 24 hours a day. Every day, 1600 Patients, their Doctors, Nurses, Health establishments, place their trust in Biolyss.
Biolyss is the largest group in the area, with eight labs serving Limoges, Bellac, Guéret and La Souterraine (see maps).
These Biologists have decided to run the company by themselves, jointly owning the whole lab, without relying on external finance. Their priority is quality improvement and achieving International Quality Standard Accreditation as soon as possible. They consider you, the Patient, to be the highest priority, and strive to ensure your satisfaction throughout the year !

When is it possible to take a sample of blood ?

Biolyss Labs carry out blood tests anytime. You don’t need to make any appointment.
However, some hormones need to be analysed at a particular time : check with us !
If you need to fast before your blood test, you can come early in the morning !

When do I need to fast before my blood test ?

Most of the time, you can have your blood test done after a light meal ; it will not affect your biological results.
However, you mustn’t have eaten (or drunk) during twelve hours prior to the drawing of the blood sample for glycaemia, lipid profiles or some hormones like prolactin.
Of course, in case of emergency, your analysis would be undertaken at any time.

How long does it take to my blood sample ?

Patients are received promptly throughout the day ; you won’t need to wait for a long time.
Blood samples can usually be taken in less than five minutes !
Some special analysis (O’Sullivan Test…) require a bit longer…Ask us !

Is it painful ?

Blood tests are the most commonly performed medical test. Only qualified and trained people are authorized to carry them out. Don’t worry, this non-invasive action needs a small amount of blood, and doesn’t cause you any harm !
For children, if you wish, you can bring along an anaesthetic “patch” (like “Emla”), to give reassurance ! .. .

What about others analysis (Genitals ? Bacteriological sampling ?…)

Biolyss can carry out all types of analysis, but does not administer vaccines and injections.
You mustn’t use any antibiotics the days before collecting body fluids, if infection is suspected.
- Urine : after local disinfection, collect middle flow of urine sample in the sterile flask provided.
- Vagina : avoid intimate cleaning, sexual intercourse, monthly period (menstruation)....
- Urethral test : don’t urinate for two hours prior to the test...
- Stools : collect the sample at home in the sterile flask provided, bring it quickly to the lab. Tell us if you have been travelling !
- Sperm analysis : The semen sample is provided by ejaculating into a sterile clean flask, in a private room in the lab : please do make an appointment.

How long will it take to receive my results ?

Most analyses are carried out every day. Your report will be available in the evening.
The Biologist is entirely at your disposal for discussion.
Remember that some analyses may take a bit longer (Microbiology, Specialised analysis.. …).
You can receive your report by post if you wish, or to collect it online with a secret password. Your Doctor will receive a copy of your results, unless you indicate otherwise.
In any case, a Biologist will be able to give you any explanations you require.

What kind of administrative documents do I need ?

You must have a Medical Prescription to get your analysis refunded by your Insurance.
Do not forget to supply the name and address of your Insurance Company, your National Insurance Number, and data about any Complementary Health Insurance.
If a nurse is coming to your home to take your blood sample, make sure you tell her/him your full name, surname, address, phone number, birth date, National Insurance Number and Mutual Number...

How can I contact you if I have a question ?

Do not hesitate to contact our staff, by ‘phone or in person, if you need explanations about analysis, results…All the staff remain entirely at your disposal, especially Biologists : you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your test results !